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RISQUÉ is a monthly EDM dance night with full on BDSM play party in an exclusive MEMBERS ONLY, sex positive venue in Washington D.C. Becoming a member is easy, and provides you with discounts to future RISQUÉ events.

If you're into Industrial, Synthpop, EBM, House, Electro, D&B, Dubstep or almost any other Electronic Dance Music; our experienced DJs will be sure to get you moving. If you have suggestions/requests please submit them here so we can fulfill them for you.

If you're curious/into Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism &/or Masochism, we will have experience players in the fields of Flogging, Rope, Fire Fleshing &/or Cupping, Needles, Knives for your enjoyment to watch and/or to play.

With the speakers turned to 11 and event staff that is accustomed to play during loud music, you will have a nightclub and a play party rolled into one in a welcoming, safe, and well supplied dungeon.

The venue is dress to impress, nudity is perfectly allowed and it is SEX POSITIVE so please bring your condoms! If you forget, no worries, we will have plenty for you on our bar!

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